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We offer cutting edge and reasonably priced fibre deals for small to large businesses that can be rolled out to where ever you are and provide you with a highly reliable and high priority internet connection.

Our limitless package is ideal for demanding internet users. Large file transfers and downloads, HD to 4K video streaming and video conferencing assuring no downtimes and a constant connection. Making sure your busines is always online.

We provide 24 hour support services and onsite rollout and installation , to all areas that are fibre ready. We want our fibre service to be your first and only option so we are ready to take you to a new and generation of high speed internet access at unbelieveably low prices .

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The challenge

Fibre is being rolled out into hundereds of areas all arounf the country as you read but its is not yet avaliable everywhere , and it just might not be avaliable where you are right now.

The solution

We have a ADSL solution service that is just as effective and efficient as the fibre at a reasonable and we will be able to deploy it as soon as you ask for it , as well as set it up and manage your internet access activity guaranteeing constant and reliable fast internet.